Christmas Gift Ideas for Children Aged 5-7

Here are the top 10 best selling Christmas gifts for children age 5-7 as of .

Bestselling Christmas presents for children age 5-7

Image of children playingBuying Christmas gifts for children aged 5-7 is starting to be a bit more of a challenge.

Buying Christmas presents for a four year old has it's pitfalls, they are no longer toddlers, and not yet school age. Gifts for an 8 year old has the same dillema, they are not quite a 'tween,' yet they are starting to enjoy gifts that they may not have even thought about last Christmas.

5-7 is that in between age where it's a good idea to know what is hot at the time.

Our Hot Pick for Xmas 2010 for Girls Aged 5-7

Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse

Virtually every young girl in the world would adore a new Barbie Dollhouse for her beloved toy doll to play in.

It's hard to believe but Barbie has been putting a smile on young girls faces for upwards of 40 years.

Although fashions have evolved through the years, the current Barbie is essentially exactly the same as the first model launched in 1959. Why?

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Here are the Daily Specials at Amazon for Children's Toys of All Ages. 
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Our Hot Pick 2008 - Biscuit My Lovin’ Pup

image of biscuit my loving pupIf your child has always wanted a puppy of their own and wasn’t able to have one, this lifelike friend is the next best thing! His sensors are so reponsive and this means he reacts to touches, pets and voice commands, just like a real dog.

Three different voice commands prompt Biscuit My Lovin Pup to Sit, Stay and even Lay Down!

When you touch and play with Biscuit My Lovin Pup (one of the FurReal friends from Hasbro) the puppy responds with movements and playful barks.

Just like a real dog, Biscuit My Lovin’ Pup has silky smooth, realistic fur and big beautiful eyes. Biscuit My Lovin’ Pup has a wide range of movements and soft barks which your child will have hours of fun interpreting.

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Our Hot Pick 2008 - Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur

Playskool Kota My Triceratops DinosaurHow about a real live dinosaur this Christmas 2008? Imagine the look on you little family members face! As long as your little family member is under 60 pounds, they and Kota the Triceratops Dinosau will get on just fine!

He knows when there's a rider to entertain through a weight sensor in his back and he knows when your child is "roaring" a dino greeting thanks to a sound sensor in Kota's forehead. His three horns, tail and two sides also have touch sensors.

To start having fun, just flip Kota's power switch to "Play" or "Music" mode once the batteries are in. Bounce on the dinosaurs back to inspire four different dino adventure theme songs in music mode.

The fun that Kota provides is just a simple switch away. The modes "Play" and "Music" provide two unique ways of play that will heep your child amused for hours. Unlike most other toys, your child will not become bored while playing with Kota.

This triceratops responds to your child's actions thanks to 10 different sensors in play mode. He will "laugh" when you tickle his belly and when you feed him his special leaves, he will "munch on them! Kota will "sniff" your hand when you touch his nose.

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