Christmas Gift Ideas for Children Age 8-12

Here are the top 10 best selling Christmas gifts for children age 8-12 as of .

Bestselling Christmas presents for children age 8-12

Image of Christmas Gift Ideas for DadMost 8 and 9 year olds know exactly what they want for Christmas, and usually aren't hesitant to let you know all about it in the upcoming months to Christmas! Sometimes gift ideas for children age 8-12 can be a trial, so we've made it very easy for you.

WARNING: The best Christmas gifts sell out FAST. If any of the bestselling toys for children Age 8-12 appeal to you, we suggest you get in FAST to avoid disappointment!

2008 Sellout Warning Christmas Presents

Here are the Daily Specials at Amazon for Children's Toys of All Ages. 
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10 and 11 year olds are getting to that 'tween' stage though, and are getting a little harder to buy for. 12 year olds are verging on teenagers, and are heading into the 'hard to buy for' basket! Best to listen to the hints, or get some ideas below!

Sometimes, it's nice to surprise them with something they might not of thought of themselves, or even pretending they can't have up until the special day, and then it is even more fun to see the look of surprise on their happy little faces!

See the top 10 best selling Christmas gifts for children age 8-12 as of .

Our Hot Pick 2008
Hyper Dash, Double Dash and Hyper Jump

Best Price Wild Planet HyperdashThe Hyper Dash series is THE best seller this 2008. It is the top of the bestsellers list on Amazon, with good reason! It has won several awards, and is the most fun you can have as a family!

Hyper Dash makes for a new and interesting challenge each and every time.
No two games of Hyper Dash are ever the same. The challenge of rising up the different levels is sure to keep the kids entertained for hours.

There is of course that added bonus of kids getting valuable exercise at the same time (shhhh we won't tell them that) =)

The large variety of game types and skill levels means that Hyper Dash is one game that he kids won't quickly become bored with. There are just so many ways to play. Kids will also love the fact they get to decide where to put the targets.

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Our Hot Pick 2008 - Nintendo DS-Lite Mario Bundle

Image of Nintendo DS-Lite Consoles Mario is one the funnest games you can get on Nintendo DS Lite. It is the best selling games on Amazon right now!

Once opened up, the Nintendo DS Lite appears like a mini lap-top, except there is a second screen rather than a keyboard. The Nintendo DS is a take anywhere, hand-held, play anytime console. One of the screens is a special touchscreen.

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Our Hot Pick 2008 - Playstation 3 160GB Console

Discount Playstation 3 160gbImagine: Individual speckles of dust in a beam of sunshine to produce a more credible and unique experience!

Game play that takes into account enemy AI acting unpredictably, glass breaking based on the size of the object that impacted it, ragdoll physics and keyframe animation.

Imagine: Muscle and horsepower to proceed beyond AI - the Cell Broadband Engine has it.

The digital psyche of the PLAYSTATION3 system has the power.

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Those were our top picks for gift ideas for children age 8-12 in 2008.