Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

We keep out eye on all the major retailers, and the results are almost unanimous as to what tween and teen boys are after in the way of Christmas Gifts this year.

To make life very easy for you, we've sorted this list into a Top 10 Bestselling Gift list for tween and teenage guys.

WARNING:We suggest you get in FAST to avoid disappointment! If any of the bestselling toys for boys below appeal to you, get in quick! The best Christmas gifts sell out fast!

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#10 - Music

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens - MusicMost teen boys love their music, so a favourite CD will never go amiss.

There are several options available now, you can buy MP3's that you can immediately download, or you can go the traditional route by buying their favourite band or group on CD.

Music is usually a very personal choice, so try to make sure you have it completely right before you buy.

There is always the option of an Amazon gift card, this way they can get their own choice of music, or pick from the thousands of MP3 downloads that are available.

#9 - A Musical Instrument

Recommended: Behringer GPK836BK Metalien Guitar Pack

Best Price Behringer GPK836BK Metalien Guitar Pack If your tween or teen boy is showing any sort of musical promise, perhaps it is time to introduce them to a real live instrument.

Ever popular with teen boys is the electric guitar, but this gift is often overlooked due to the overwhelming expense it takes to set this up.

Well not any more. Introducing the Behringer GPK836BK Metalien Guitar Pack. This is the best selling guitar and amp setup on Amazon, with very, very good reason. It is receiving rave reviews for it's incredible quality, and reports customers would have expected to pay many times the price for a setup this awesome.

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#8 - An MP3 Player

Recommended: Apple iPod Nano 8 GB Black

Best Price Black iPod Nano If he has been looking for an iPod, the latest featured packed model in the iPod range to be released is the iPod Nano.

Prices have dropped significantly on new iPods since they were first released, and now this feature packed model is very affordable for what you get. This version fits 4000 songs in his pocket.

He will behave forever if you threaten to take away his Black Apple iPod Nano 8 GB!

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#7 Good Quality but Affordable Digital Camera

The PowerShot A590

Best Price Canon Powershot A590If your tween or teen boy already has access to his own computer setup, a fantastic addition to his range of electronic gadgetry is an affordable but feature packed digital camera.

Teens love photo and video, and a digital camera and video function provide them with the perfect opportunity to communicate their personality online.

The hottest selling digital camera on Amazon right now is the PowerShot A590. It's power-packed performance and impressive value have a great deal to do with that fact.

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#6 Cool and Original Transport

Idea: The Wave Original Street Surfing Board

Best Price Wave BoardThe Wave Original Street Surfer is an inline action board that blends the sensations of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding.

It has a fun design where no foot propulsion is required.

Riders simply hop on, twists their hips back and forth in an S-shaped motion to achieve forward movement.

It gives riders the ability to perform all sorts of neat tricks because it runs on two wheels rather than four.

The Wave Original Street Surfer is a blast for riders of all ages and skill levels.

#5 Cool Gadgety Electronics

Idea: D-REX Interactive Dinosaur

Best Price D-REX Interactive DinosaurThe D-REX Interactive Dinosaur is a robotic dinosaur who moves, roars, and responds to your voice and touch.

He is designed to have personality all of his own. A bone-shaped controller lets you train and keep control of this fierce best.

This prehistoric creature will provide hours of entertainment thanks to his many modes and features.

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#4 Handheld Gaming Consoles

Recommended: Nintendo DS Lite

Best Price Nintendo DS LiteThe Nintendo DS Lite is a take anywhere video game console that will revolutionize the way games are played on portable video game systems.

It features special touch screen technology, 3D rendered graphics and amazing, ultra bright duel screens. It comes with a free Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service so users can interact and play against others from other the world.

The Nintendo DS Lite comes in a variety of colour designs so you can pick one to suit your personality.

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#3 Xbox Gaming System

Recommended: Xbox 360 Elite

Best Price Xbox 360 EliuteThe XBox 360 Elite is a gaming industry leader in gaming and entertainment.

It has gameplay that is second to none and has a selection of close to 1000 games to choose from. Other features include DVD playback, a 120 GB hard drive for storing games and media, a HDMI cable, a wireless controller and a Xbox Live headset.

The special Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle comes with all this and two cool games as well.

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#2 The Latest Playstation

Recommended: PlayStation 3, 160 GB

Best Price Playstation 160 gbThe Playstation 3 160GB Console is one of, if not the best gaming console ever made.

It has graphics that have to be seen to believed and a huge library of games with genres to suit all gaming tastes.

It is so much more than a gaming console though. It is an entire entertainment network with Blue-Ray DVD playback, WiFi and storage for all your games, music and videos.

The storage capacity is a whopping 160 GB, so there is never a chance of running out of storage space.

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#1 Acer Aspire One 8.9-inch Mini Laptop

Best Price Acer Aspire One 8.9-inch Mini LaptopIf your teen has been extra nice this year, you might want to treat him to his very own first laptop.

The Sapphire blue Acer Aspire is the best selling laptop on Amazon right now, and has incredible specifications for the price (hence the rave reviews).

Nothing will make your teen or tween boy feel more independent and special than his very own laptop. You are likely to also see a rise in grades, as he will love working on his new prize as much as possible. It can be part of the conditions of purchasing this prize that he work to increase grades at school.

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Those were our picks for Top 10 Best Selling Gifts for Tween & Teen Boys Age 12+.