Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Image of a Christmas StockingA Christmas stocking is a sock (or stocking!), or even a personalized sock shaped bag that is hung on the mantelpiece before bed on Christmas eve.

The idea is Santa Claus will come in the night and fill it with all sorts of small Christmas gifts. This was traditionally fruit, candies and small toys, but these days Christmas stocking ideas can be anything from money, through to the latest electronic gadget!

Children who are not on the nice list traditionally received a piece of coal. You can get coal shaped candies or bubble gum now from some gift stores to place in the Christmas stocking as a gag Christmas gift idea.

Christmas stockings were traditionally hung on the mantle of the fireplace, but due to many houses no longer having a fire, stockings can be hung anywhere. One location that could be considered is the end of the bed. Santa Claus will need to be very careful not to wake excitable children of course!

Labeling the Christmas stocking or getting personalized Christmas stockings is also another good idea so Santa knows which stocking belongs to who. There may be some surprised children in the morning otherwise!

Christmas Stocking Stuffers - Small Christmas Gift Ideas

When you are thinking about what you should use as Christmas stocking stuffers, you will need to take into consideration the size of the stocking. If the Christmas gift ideas are too small, the stocking may hang too limply and children may not have as merry a Christmas morning as you would hope. Too large and they may not fit in the Christmas stocking.

You could try to think of a combination of smaller and larger items, that vary in price. You could consider cheap stocking stuffers such as fruit and candy, and also more expensive items, such as small electronic items.

Think about their hobbies. Do they like horses, or model cars? Are they obsessed with certain sports heroes, or characters from the latest Pixar movie? Action figures are a perfect size as is sports cards and other sporting collectibles. Webkinz and Beanie Babies are a perfect size also.

Their favourite foods are another good small Christmas gift idea, taking into account they are probably going to be eating a lot of sweets that day! Perhaps their favourite healthy snack, such as granola bars or fruit.

Fun gift stocking gags are also a huge hit. Blue eyeshadow and red lipstick for Dad. A rubber ducky for a teenage son. Sour candy for Mom. Gag Christmas stocking stuffers are a brilliant for families on a budget as well.

Just be sure to intersperse the fun Christmas stocking fillers with normal gifts and there will be howls of laughter as well as oohs and aahs of happiness!